The One Glove Company

The One Glove Company commissioned me to design several products for their new range of goal keeping gloves, the first of these was The Nova. They wanted The Nova to fit in with their existing range but have more a intricate design. I achieved this by keeping the overall design of the glove in theme with existing range's organic shape and neutral colourway, but contrasting this with extensive detailing through the use of embossing/reverse embossing and small ribbed contrast panels.

The most recent model they asked me to help design was the Pulse. They wanted the Pulse to be their most distinctive glove to date visually. Their range up to this point had been organically shaped and in neutral colourways, so I decided to deviate from this quite drastically to make this new model really stand out. I achieved this with a mixture of sharp angular panelling and a striking high contrast colourway.